6 Innovative Ideas for Construction Projects

A wise person once said “A man’s home is his castle”. While this might be slightly dated and contextual to when Edward Coke said it in the 17th century, there is meaning in the phrase today. 

Every person that owns a home likely views it as their own castle, male or female. When you are in the position to own a piece of property and have some spare capital to spend it, why not renovate your castle?

If your house is already in a good condition and isn’t in need of repair, you might want to go for something a bit more exciting than some new bathroom tiles or to paint a living room wall. 

You’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 innovative and unique construction projects that will inspire your property renovations

  1. Bookshelf Secret Door 
  2. Staircase Slide 
  3. Ceiling Hammock 
  4. Putting Green 
  5. Aquarium Sink
  6. Smart Home Technology

1. Bookshelf Secret Door

A secret door is a childhood dream of most people. Now that you have some money to spend on your home, why not add something special.

A secret door is a great unique addition to your home. It’ll be a talking point to whoever comes round and can serve as an entrance to somewhere you want to keep private, such as an office.

While this is definitely a luxury addition to your home. The idea of having something so unique in your house is what money should be spent on.

bookshelf door innovative idea for construction

2. Staircase Slide

Stairs are arguably an essential part of a home, unless of course you live in a bungalow.  Adding a staircase slide builds nicely on the theme of childhood dreams you can add to a house once you have the right amount of disposable income. 

Aside from the obvious fun that a slide getting from one floor to another would bring, a staircase slide is actually a very efficient way to get down a floor level. It negates the possibility of falling down the stairs. However, we wouldn’t recommend using it if you have objects to carry.

3. Ceiling Hammock 

Why settle for an outdoor hammock or a sofa? With a ceiling hammock you can create a truly unique space to relax in. 

Creating a ceiling hammock will take up some square footage of your home. This is a tough call if you live in London where the price of a space the size of a double bed can cost up to £54,928 depending on where you live. 

If space isn’t an issue, which can be assumed if you’re considering a ceiling hammock, adding such a feature to your home is a unique and innovative idea. You can kickback and relax while reading a book, watching TV or spend quality time with a loved one.

hammock as an innovative construction idea

4. Putting Green 

Diverging slightly from our theme of fulfilled childhood dreams, a putting green is a mature addition to any house renovation. 

You can choose from astro turf, which will be lower maintenance, or actual grass which will itself by higher maintenance but more realistic. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. The focus here is the practicality of owning your own putting green. 

Without the need to travel to an outdoor putting green which is at the mercy of the weather, you can really focus on your short game, something we should all probably get round to doing!

putting green in a construction project idea

5. Aquarium Sink

While it will likely be high maintenance, the addition of an aquarium sink to your home will be a talking point for anyone who visits.

Owning fish is widely regarded as a boring bet. Let’s be realistic, they are hardly interactive. Putting the fish tank in a weird and wacky place means that at least some value will come from owning fish.

While you can get some seriously cool tropical fish and fish tanks, an aquarium sink is something that is just a little bit different.

6. Smart Home Technology

Thanks to increasing innovations in the home technology industry, there are a wide range of smart home appliances that will make your life easier.

Security can be handled by smart home appliances. Your doorbell can now have a smart camera and warning system to record people who approach your front door. A great addition if you fear who may be coming up to your door at any point in the day or night. 

Smart thermostats are also a good addition to your home. Gone are the days of that little dial in the hallway. Now you are able to install a smart thermostat and control all of your home’s central heating from a smart device. 

An example of a smart device that could control your home is a smart speaker, such as an Alexa or Google Home. These speakers enable voice control of your smart home technology. Not to worry if they are not your thing, a smartphone will do the trick.

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