How To Choose The Right Contractor For Your Project

It’s no secret that planning a property refurbishment can be an overwhelming task.
That said, no matter the size of the project, finding the right professional contractor that is able to deliver high quality construction projects can alleviate a significant amount of the stress.
If you’ve never undertaken a large construction project, you might not know what to look for when researching contractors for the job.
To choose the right contractor for your project, you will need to:

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Check reviews
  3. Collect recommendations
  4. Ask for quotes
  5. Check their portfolio

1. Determine Your Budget

When finding the right contractor for your project, you will first need to determine your budget.
Determining your budget is important in the first instance, as it will help you to narrow down the search and rule out any contractors that fall outside of your budget.
In addition to this, it’s important to bear in mind that you will need to add 10 to 15% of the overall budget to a contingency fund when figuring out the budget for your project.
This comes down to the fact that unexpected costs can occur when it comes to large refurbishment projects, and you don’t want to be in a position where you run out of money and land yourself in debt to carry out the work.
As such, to manage your stress and ensure everything runs smoothly, it’s important to set a realistic budget and always account for a contingency fund.

2. Check Reviews

An essential part of choosing the right contractor for your project is to do your own research by checking reviews.

When planning a big project such as a property refurbishment, you need to look for reliable and capable contractors that understand your vision.

Considering that ‘90% of people read reviews before purchasing’, performing your due diligence by reading reviews when looking for a reputable contractor is important.

The majority of established companies will have Google My Business profiles that you can easily access to read reviews, helping you to gain a bigger picture of what they’re like to work with and the results they produce.

Reading reviews will therefore help you to gain a better understanding of whether the contractor in question is the right fit for you.

3. Collect Recommendations

When finding the right contractor for your project, you will also want to collect recommendations.

Ask friends and family that have had refurbishments completed who they would recommend, as they’ll provide you with their honest and unbiased opinions on contractors they have used in the past.

They will also be able to highlight any contractors that you should steer clear of for your refurbishment due to their own experience.

Collecting recommendations, then, will help you to gain a better idea of whether a contractor can deliver the type of project that you’re planning.

Considering that ‘90% of people read reviews before purchasing’, performing your due diligence by reading reviews when looking for a reputable contractor is important.

4. Ask For Quotes

Another important factor to consider when weighing up contractors is to ask for quotes.

You will want to examine the breakdown of the quotes and see what each contractor is offering for the price and compare the prices like-for-like.

It’s also important to note that when asking around for quotes, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. In fact, it’s much better to opt for a contractor that doesn’t cut corners than one that does.

That said, while some contractors might look more competitive than others, you will want to be mindful and carry out the right checks before agreeing to the work.

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5. Check Their Portfolio

Last, but by no means least, you will need to check a contractor’s portfolio on past projects.
The majority of reputable contractors will have a portfolio of projects that they’ve previously carried out to showcase their work, which will most likely be on their website.

You likely already have an idea of what you’d like to achieve with your project, but you need a contractor to be able to execute it well and to a high standard.

As such, checking a contractor’s portfolio to see their previous projects will not only help you to determine whether they can achieve the results you’re looking for, but will also help you to envision what your project has the potential to look like with their expertise.

3. It Can Help To Ensure You Stay Within Budget

There’s no getting away from the fact that a construction project is an expensive undertaking.

Another reason why investing in architectural design is important is that it can help to stay within budget. This largely comes down to it being ‘the architect’s duty to identify client requirements and project constraints must include the client’s budget, which the architect should seek to establish at an early stage’.

It’s important to recognise that design errors can result in costly reworks if you don’t invest in high quality architectural design, emphasising its importance.

Architectural design can also inform budgets. This is particularly true when it comes to project proposals, as you cannot easily predict how much a project will cost without the help of architectural design.

Taking into account both the complexity of the project, as well as the materials used, then, architectural design can help to inform your budget.

As such, it can be significantly helpful to keep your dream project within your budget or help you to understand where you can scale it back to come up with a compromise that works and helps to deliver a similar vision.

At Rose Line Premier, we have over a decade of experience in the construction industry.
If you want to find out more information about our work at Rose Line Premier Construction, contact us today for any questions or queries you may have.

Written by Jemima Thomas for Rose Line Premier Construction.

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