Modern Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

If you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment this year and need a little bit of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter how cosy or large the living room is, the kitchen is without a doubt the heart of the home, especially if you love to cook and host social gatherings with friends and family.  And with more and more people working from home than ever before, along with a desire to customise our living spaces, homeowners and landlords across the country want more from their kitchens. 

In this blog, we reveal the most sought-after kitchen trends of 2024, and how you can integrate them into your new kitchen design. From high-tech smart technology, integrated greenery and multi-functional countertops, get ready to be inspired! 

Modern kitchen design trends for 2024 include:

  1. Smart lighting systems
  2. Integrated living greenery 
  3. Herringbone flooring
  4. Multi-functional kitchen islands
  5. Integrated sinks and drainboards

1.Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes and buildings across the country. But what are they? Well, smart lighting refers to the use of advanced, connected lighting systems that allows the user to control and adjust the brightness and colour of light using smartphones or voice assistants.

Automated lighting systems that respond to commands and schedules are now a thing of the present, and they will continue to grow and gain huge popularity as we progress through 2024.

Smart Lighting Features

Smart lighting systems come with a variety of different features and components that enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and personalisation, including:

  • Remote control – Users can control their smart lights remotely using dedicated mobile apps. Whether it be adjusting lighting settings, turning lights on or off, and changing brightness levels from anywhere. 
  • Voice control – Many smart lighting systems integrate with popular voice-controlled virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri, allowing users to control the lighting simply by their voice.
  • Scheduling & automation – Users can schedule when their smart lights turn on or off, and can even be integrated into broader home automation setups to turn on when motion is detected.

If you’re refurbishing your home kitchen or business space and looking to incorporate smart lighting features, we got you. Get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can assist your refurbishment project.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends for 2024
Automated lighting systems that respond to commands and schedules are now a thing of the present, and they will continue to grow and gain huge popularity as we progress through 2024.

2. Integrated Living Greenery

Another trend that’s soared in popularity is adding living greenery to various rooms around the house, especially the kitchen. Studies have found that integrating a range of living indoor plants can help to purify and freshen the air, remove toxins and increase oxygen levels, a fantastic addition for creating a calming kitchen ambiance, especially if you often find yourself spending hours prepping and cooking meals.

The great thing about this is that, while space in a kitchen is often limited, there are a number of different houseplants that are perfect for worktops, shelves, or awkward corners. 

The Best Houseplants for the Kitchen

As kitchens are typically warm and steamy from all the cooking, it’s important you choose a houseplant suitable for this type of environment. 

Some of the best houseplants for the kitchen include:

  • The Peace Lily – These plants thrive in the sun, so pop them on a windowsill to keep them happy.

  • The Spider Plant – These can thrive in a variety of different conditions, and are a great air-purifier, i.e. they’re great at removing odours and pollutants from the air.

  • The Chilli Plant – If you’re partial to a spicy dish then growing your own chillies at home might be right up your street. Plus, Chilli plants look great on a shelf or in a window. 

  • The Snake Plant – These can thrive practically anywhere, and are  perfect for beginners and low-maintenance plant parents.

3. Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring patterns are trending big time in the home interior world and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

These intricate and eye-catching patterns (characterised by a series of rectangular pieces arranged in a V-shaped or zigzag formation) bring a sense of timeless elegance to any space, including kitchens. 

Modern Kitchen Design Trends for 2024
Check out this stunning example of herringbone flooring we installed in a recent home refurbishment in West London, here.

Not only are they stylish, but herringbone flooring, especially when made from materials like hardwood or tile, is relatively easy to clean. Smooth surfaces with minimal grout lines make cleaning up and maintenance more straightforward, which is hugely beneficial in an environment like the kitchen where spills of liquids and food products are common.

4. Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a versatile centre of activity typically placed in the middle of a kitchen floor space. And now its versatility is expanding! 

This year, expect islands with adjustable heights, storage solutions such as pullout baskets or bins, built-in device charging sockets, and even retractable workspaces to allow for a range of tasks, from home working to hosting social gatherings. 

This shift towards heightened multifunctional islands highlights the increasing desire to maximise the practicality of space in modern homes. 

At Rose Line Premier, we specialise in high-end design and build services and are dedicated to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that meet the unique needs of each client. 

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen, our design and build specialists are here to help. Take a look at some of our past kitchen projects here.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends for 2024
2024 will show us that kitchen design can really serve as the heart of daily contemporary activities in the home.

5. Integrated Sinks and Drainboards

On the topic of countertops… kitchen trends in 2024 are seeing advanced integrated sinks and drainboards made from the same material as the countertop. 

This design boasts a modern, sleek and seamless look, and eliminates crevices between the sink and countertop, simplifying cleaning and maintenance. As there are less crevices or gaps between the two features, there is less risk of water and grime collecting in these areas, reducing the chances of bacterial growth. This design contributes to a much more hygienic kitchen space, especially important in food preparation areas.

What’s more, this design also creates a more cohesive look as the sink and counter merge into one flowing surface, making the area appear bigger than it actually is. Great for smaller kitchens!

And there we have it! We hope this article has given you some inspiration with your next kitchen refurbishment project. Get in touch to discuss your next project with a member of our expert team.

At Rose Line Premier, we have over a decade of experience in the design and construction industry. Our team of highly trained Architects, Interior Designers, Planners, Surveyors, and Project and Construction Managers work on realistic budgets and time scales to deliver unique and high-end commercial and residential refurbishments.

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Written by Kate Jones for Rose Line Premier Construction.

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