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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy on, Explained in Plain English.

We all worry about our privacy these days, yet most privacy pages suck! You go away none the wiser. That is why on this page, we want to be as transparent as possible by using plain English.
We haven’t created this page to conform with some piece of legislation or cover our backsides.

We have created it so you know exactly what information we have on you and how we use it.

What We Know About the Average Visitor
The truth is we don’t know much about the average visitor to our site. We run Google Analytics that provides us with some minimal information about:
How many people visit the site.
Which website led them to
Which pages they visit.
What device they use.
What browser they are using.
Which country they are connecting via.
But all of that information is anonymous and we cannot (to our knowledge) access details on individual visitors.
Like the vast majority of websites, we run Google Analytics.

What Do We Do With All This Data?
You might be wondering what we do with all the data we have gathered. The honest answer is very little. We use Google Analytics data to help inform us about what and where people are looking for when it comes to finding a trustworthy construction partner.
What we never do is pass any of the data we collect (including your email address) to any other third party. We also do not track you beyond We don’t even download that data to a local computer. It remains secure on the site that captured it (Google). The only exception is those people who email us directly.

What Do We Do With Information From Those Who Email Us?
When people email us, we do hold some information on them. We keep most of that information on a personal, password-protected and encrypted laptop. However, we also have some data in the cloud.
Our email is via JustHosts. This is secured with two-step validation, and they offer secure encryption to keep your data safe.

What if You Are Unhappy With How We Hold Your Data?
If any of the above concerns you, let us know. We will happily delete any information we hold on you.

If you have emailed us, just let us know, and we can remove any information we’re holding on you.

If you don’t like Google Analytics tracking you on this site, then we could help sign you up on-site, just email us.

We hope you can see, we are as open and transparent as we can be about your privacy, but if you have any questions please visit our contact page just drop us an email.

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