What Costs to Consider With Residential Refurbishment

Buying a new property or renovating an old one has become increasingly common in recent years. Residential refurbishments can cost thousands of pounds over many years. Whether you are working with a small budget refurbishing a small portion of your home or you are doing an entire house renovation project, refurbishments all cost money. For example, it has been estimated that the refurbishment of a 3-bedroom property could cost up to £76,000.

If you are looking to refurb your residential property, you should consider the costs of:

  1. Structural Damage and
  2. Structural Survey
  3. Extensions and Conversions
  4. Interior Design Costs
  5. Double Glazing
  6. Insulation
  7. Heating and Boiling Costs
  8. Worker Costs

1. Structural Damage and Structural Survey

Assessing the structural damage of a property is essential when you have first bought a property. Locating issues can be costly. House surveys and structural surveys can be expected to be the first costs of a renovation. These can cost between £350 on the lower end and up to £2000.

Once completed, you can begin to categorise the property’s issues and assess which are necessary to complete urgently. Structural issues will usually fit under this category. Structural costs can include cracks, uneven floors, and leaning walls.

2. Extensions and conversions

Looking beyond your house as it is can greatly increase the property value and overall feel of the property. Whether you are looking to turn the unused garage into a study or are looking to extend the house by adding a conservatory, these renovations will cost you. Property extensions may require planning permission if they do not hit specific criteria. So make sure to triple-check the requirements before constructing or planning your extension.

You may also require specialists, including architects and refurbishment specialists. Here at Rose Line Premier, we have a display of case studies available for you to understand our extensive work and how this could come alive at your property.

3. Interior Design Costs

When looking into renovating your house, interior designers may be needed to add fitted furniture and customisations to the house as you require. An interior designer can help you to organise where these would be best placed and how this would impact your budget and property price.

Renovating different rooms of your house will cause a mess, but the outcome will be worth it.

You can independently place furniture placement by working out the measurements and trusting your own eye, however, an interior designer will often know industry standards and secrets as to what furniture will help you to avoid any mistakes.

4. Double Glazing

Refurbishments may mean you need to look at the quality of your windows. With double-glazed windows utilised throughout the, you will reap many benefits including cooler summers and reduced condensation. Double glazing also increases the safety of the property and will conserve energy more efficiently.

Consider the costs of hiring a professional window fitter and the windows will be able to properly fit the windows, ensuring a quality fit. This window fitting will eventually earn you a profit over time if you are flipping the property or even will result in lower energy bills.

5. Insulation

Loft insulation has a variety of benefits that can help you to increase the value of your property. Not only will this add 16% to your evaluation price, but it will also benefit the house in a variety of other ways, including noise reduction and heat retention.

Loft insulation will help to reduce energy bills.

Considering the monetary benefits you receive from insulation, it is an easy decision to make to add to your loft or attic space.

6. Heating and Boiling Costs

As the cost of living crisis has shown us, the importance of heating is paramount to every household. If you are looking to install boilers or heated floors on your property, it is vital that you consider the costs.

As the boiler is an essential component of any house or property, making sure the boiler is working sufficiently is vital to the renovation process. Repair costs will need to be taken into account, with the hiring of a professional being recommended to complete the job safely. Repairs can cost between £90 and £400.

7. Worker Costs

If you are hiring workers to fit carpets, blinds, or any odd job, these workers will cost money. If you are working solo on the project, factor in the cost of your time instead. Keeping a track of your refurbishment costs will help you to manage the financial costs of the project, this will mean you know exactly where your money is going at all times.

If you want to find out more information about our work here at Rose Line Premier Construction, contact us today for any questions or queries you may have.

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